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Founded two decades ago Graas Warehousing Corporation has grown itself with a focus on customer centricity leading to excellence in execution of it's core Goal that is Creating Everlasting relations with it's clientele.

Graas Warehousing came in to existence with a vision to built state of art Warehousing facilities which can help in ascending the growth of its esteemed clients .

Spread across more than 60 acres equipped with World Class amenities, Technologies, providing it's occupiers a range of benefits to fulfil their business needs and flourish within their respective industries.

Location has been one huge advantage that connects to major nearby commercial & Industrial Hubs giving never ending opportunities to grow .

Ample space for parking of all kind of vehicles , cross docking , 24x7 electricity , drainage System, Fire Fighting System , Sewerage Treatment plant ,Street Lights Admin Building, no compromise with statuary compliances making it a promising hassle free space to occupy.

The lineage and strength in construction and development execution sets Graas Warehousing apart.


Vastu Compliant Facility

Location advantage Situated on NH 352

24*7 electricity through separate feeder

All Statuary compliances in Place

International standard design & structure

Ample space for Parking (Trucks, two wheelers, Cars)

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This seasoned businessman in Real Estate Industry has demonstrated a remarkable track record with over two daces of experience. His forte lies in developing high quality , well designed, and cutting- edge properties, showcasing a commitment to excellence . His international exposure in the field has provided him with a finesse and professionalism that significantly contributes to the real estate scenario.

Having earned a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, he posses a unique blend of technical knowledge and a deep understanding of architectural design, town planning, and construction technologies. His expertise extends to research and experimentation with construction and infrastructure technologies with a particular focus on sustainable development. This reflects his forward-thinking approach and commitment to incorporating innovative and eco-friendly practices in the real estate projects he undertakes.

One of his notable strengths lies in the management and development of large-scale warehousing, residential, and commercial spaces. This multifaceted experience indicates his ability to navigate diverse facets of the real estate industry, demonstrating versatility and adaptability.

Overall, his extensive background, international exposure, and dedication to sustainable development make him a prominent and influential figure in the real estate sector. His approach to combining architectural design town planning, and advanced construction technologies positions him as a leader in creating properties that not only meet high-quality standards but also contribute to long-term environmental sustainability.

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We work to embark on a successful journey by providing ingenious solutions to our clients via our expertise and leadership.

Reimagining logistics continuously;We work as a team to provide world-class, state of the art Industrial and Logistics hubs that support the growth of the business, and contribute to the economic development of our country


Time is our specialty. World Class Service. For all of your Delivery & Warehouse needs.

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We strive to deliver only the best to our partners and clients. With innovation and improvement being a continuous process.